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The Marian Foundation of the Seton Miracles

It is important to note that for Catholics, living the faith goes beyond going for Sunday mass. The Catholic Church has sacramental, which are supposed to be reminding them of their faith. The sacramental could include the holy water, rosaries, statues, and crucifixes. Once an ordained priest blesses these sacramental, they have the power to dispense the grace of God, in unique ways. Saints are an indispensable part of the catholic faith because they portrayed what living in Christ and according to his will means. The lives of the saints set an example for catholic Christian living, and many of them are patrons of the Christian living today. There is no doubt that these saints are in heaven, and that they can pray for us before God for graces. However, there is one who is most generous of all these saints, Mary, the mother of Jesus. She portrayed the highest levels of obedience to God, not to mention trust. In most cases, she is considered the queen of all saints. The sole prayer of the blessed virgin Mary is that no one of us is going to lose their soul and that all of us are going to live according to the will of God and thus see and live with someday. In this case, she has been over the centuries come down from heaven and manifested herself in different ways, with a message of repentance to the people of God. She calls upon all humanity to go back to her son. For people to believe this, she has exposed herself in various ways, miraculously. One of the recorded miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the weeping of the statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The weeping statues symbolize the pain she is experiencing as more people go away from the bosom of God the father. It is vital to have a foundation that ensures that the message does not fade away and eventually forgotten, to carry on this message, as time goes by. Find out below some of the things the Marian foundations are doing to ensure that the miracle maintains its purpose.

Firstly, the best way in which the miracle can be remembered would be through having more sacramental going through the whole world to remind people of this divine miracle. The publishing of books and statues if what the Marian foundation is using as a way of getting this devotion to more people.

Secondly, the best thing about this miracle is that it is a twenty-first-century miracle. That means that those that witnessed the miracle are still alive, or rather quite a number of them. The Marian foundation is, in that case, calling upon all the witnesses to come and have their testimonies recorded. The miracle was not only about the statues weeping, but some also saw the miracle of the sun. The Marian Foundation calls upon all the witnesses to give out their testimonies, as it is critical to have these testimonies recorded from the witnesses.

Lastly, the Marian foundation is non-profitable. That means that they do not have a way in which they can generate the income to run their foundation. Therefore, they call upon all well-wishers to donate to their organization so that they can run their operations smoothly.

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