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Questions to Ask Your Telemedicine Vendor

Evaluating a telemedicine vendor can be overwhelming. Whether you need a billing or the right EMR consultant, going through that process consumes time. You may have in mind what you should look for but it is tough to know what factors matter to your business until you implement them. So, how do you select a telemedicine vendor? Here are some questions you should pose to a potential vendor to make a learned decision.

Is your telemedicine platform cloud-based? Cloud-based solutions mean no disappointing software installs as well as on-site data storage since everything is kept online. With technology increasingly shifting to the cloud, you can be sure that a cloud-based telemedicine software is up-to-date with times, user-friendly, and innovative tech.

What other equipment will I need to buy? Telemedicine solutions come in every size and shape and the most complex ones may need all kinds of additional equipment like data storage, screens, carts, and more. When evaluating a solution, remember that the price might not include every additional equipment needed to run it. Unless you are shopping for complicated, enterprise-level software, look for a solution that does not need a lot of additional equipment to be usable.

What are the ongoing and initial costs? It can be tricky to breakdown pricing. On top of the set-up or monthly costs, ask your vender what ongoing costs to expect. Also, if you need to purchase extra data storage or some kind of maintenance package, that is a continuous cost.

Do I have to buy training packages after installation? Training is a crucial part of successfully implementing a new solution to your business. You cannot get a new solution up and running while all your employees are not on board. Ask your vendor what he/she includes regarding training and if you will have to buy training after a given time point. What is their standard model?

Is the solution user-friendly or it will need a dedicated IT team? You can know the answer to this query as soon as you look at the platform. Is its interface design simple and clean? Does it appear intuitive? Can you see it fitting into the workflow of your practice? Regarding the back-end process, ask the vendor. How often do their customers get set up? Does the vendor help them get started or is it on the practice?

Can I use the solution with my EMR? EMRs have become a hub of record keeping and practice management. You have likely built your workflows around your EMR. Sk your vendor how the software works with your EMR as well as if the records from telemedicine visits can be imported into your EMR without straining.

Is the solution secure? Everyone is aware of the recent data health hack as well as the increasing need for tech security in the healthcare industry. Ask a potential vendor how they make sure they are HIPPA compliancy and what they have done to ensure their platform is 100% secure.

What kind of support does the vendor provide? No matter how robust a platform is, technical hiccups and issues will come up. Ask what kind of support your vendor provides for sorting out technical issues and if it is a paid-for or free service.

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